What is Past is Present

Fun, ingenious flash game. Without giving too much away, your past actions can come back to help/haunt you.....

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How They Work

A fascinating tally of rituals, habits, and ruminations on aspects of the creative process specific to well known creators. The list is long and includes writers (Philip Pullman - who used to write in a shed, Don Dellilo - who writes a paragraph a page), researchers in robotics and psychology, musicians (Brian Eno, Autechre), actors (Bill Murray, Nick Nolte)..... and more and more.

rodcorp: How we work
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Never In A Trillion Years

The anti-commercial for the iPhone by David Lynch


Water Walk

John Cage performing "Water Walk" in January, 1960 on the popular TV show I've Got A Secret.

The Work of James Ensor

The paintings of James Ensor are haunting, beautiful and bizarre.


Excellent Interview with Jim Rogers on Bloomberg

Excellent interview with Jim Rogers on the Bloomberg network. As usual, this guy has it right on. Watching his matter of fact manner against the desperation of the news anchors is the most entertaining part!