Robot Controlled by Monkey Across the Sea

"A humanoid robot moves its legs at a laboratory in Japan as directed by the brain waves of a small monkey located in the United States." - Discovery News (thanks Heather!)


The Blow-Up Artist

Excellent article about Victor Niederhoffer in the New Yorker. I cannot recommend this strongly enough.

"On a wall opposite Victor Niederhoffer’s desk is a large painting of the Essex, a Nantucket whaling ship that sank in the South Pacific in 1820, after being attacked by a giant sperm whale, and that later served as the inspiration for “Moby-Dick.” The Essex’s captain, George Pollard, Jr., survived, and persuaded his financial backers to give him another ship, but he sailed it for little more than a year before it foundered on a coral reef. Pollard was ruined, and he ended his days as a night watchman. The painting, which Niederhoffer, a sixty-three-year-old hedge-fund manager, acquired after losing all his clients’ money—and a good deal of his own—in the Thai stock market crash of 1997, serves as an admonition against the incaution to which he, a notorious risktaker, is prone, and as a reminder of the precariousness of his success..."

You can check out Neiderhoffer's website at dailyspeculations.com


Monsterz: Real and Imaginary

Kaiju Eiga - Flickr Set
(via Monster Brains)

Picopico’s Monster Suit Paradise

Brobee Figure @ urbanoutfitters

Trader Made Billions on Subprime

Fascinating article from the WSJ:

"On Wall Street, the losers in the collapse of the housing market are legion. The biggest winner looks to be John Paulson, a little-known hedge fund manager who smelled trouble two years ago..."