An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything by Garrett Lisi

Surfer dude (with a ton of degrees) stuns physicists with geometrical theory of everything

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Anonymous said...

I think the introduction to the paper gives it away already:

"We exist in a universe described by mathematics" ....... "The mathematics of the universe should be beautiful".

This seems to be just another case of mathematical mysticism and should not qualify as rational science (even it appears to reproduce certain aspects of reality). The scheme suggested reminds me vaguely of astrological models and Kepler's attempt to explain the solar system in terms of regular polyhedra (see http://www.hps.cam.ac.uk/starry/keplerastrol.html, http://hyperion.cc.uregina.ca/~astro/Kepler_poly.html ) and we all know what the scientific status of this is nowadays.

Mathematics should be a tool, not an end in itself.